This was such a good story! Lots of good stuff! Let’s get started.

The beginning was brilliant! This was the closest bit to New Who I have seen yet. The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria land on a beach and the Doctor loses his damn mind! A beach! A beach! He runs to the ocean like a toddler yelling "Grab a bucket and some spades!" It was hilarious. Seriously watch this story just for this scene alone.

Anyway some people show up and instantly want to kill him. Ain’t that always the way? A woman named Astrid shows up in a helicopter and rescues them and takes them to her awfully decorated apartment. There’s a great quote here from the Doctor…  

Astrid: “What kind of Doctor are you? Law? Philosophy?”
Doctor: “Which law? Whose philosophy?”

They go to see Astrid’s leader Giles Kent who says that the Doctor looks like a man who is trying to take over the world, simply named "Salamander". He has invented a machine that grows food and is using this to monopolize the world economy. They want the Doctor to impersonate Salamander and infiltrate his compound but the Doctor is skeptical. He needs evidence.

This is a unique perspective I haven’t seen on Doctor Who before. The Doctor isn’t sure the bad guy is so bad. Kind of a cool thing that I think makes the Doctor even more of an interesting character. Anyways they force him to do it by calling Salamander’s man, Bruce the “World Security Controller”. Ruh Roh. 


The Doctor deals with this in spectacular doctor-y fashion and Bruce runs back to the compound where he tells Salamander’s lackey Benik (who looks like he cuts his hair with scissors and a soup bowl) that he just saw Salamander which makes Benik suspicious because Salamander is supposed to be somewhere else.

Seriously. What a creep…

Doctor and co. go to where Salamander is and formulate a plan. Jamie sneaks in and pretends to save Salamander’s life from a bomb so that he is trusted. It is successful Jamie becomes security with a snazzy uniform and everything.

Now there is a whole boring part with Salamander and the commander of some zone talking about wether a volcano is going to explode soon and bla bla bla agricultural economics bla bla bla when allofasuddenBOOOOM!!! It explodes. Did Salamander plan it or nah?


Most unintentionally hilarious scene in this episode is Benik arrives to the little RV(?) where the Doctor and Kent are hiding out. The Doctor hides somewhere and when Kent won’t answer any of Benik’s questions, as a warning, he sends a guard into the RV and breaks all of Kent’s plates. That’s it. Just the plates. That’ll show ‘em. :P

So a bunch of other stuff happens really quickly. Victoria gets a job working for Salamander’s chef (who really is the comic relief of this story).  Salamander kills a guy, Jamie and Victoria help zone commander Dennish escape but he gets shot on the way out and they are captured. Salamander hears about himself being somewhere he doesn’t remember being. But all that’s just fluff…

Now here is the great part about this story. Patrick Troughton is brilliant playing both the Doctor and Salamander! By the end of this episode you start to think, gee I haven’t seen the Doctor in a while (what is this a Hartnell story???) until you realize, oh yeah Troughton’s been on screen almost the whole time! Haha! He really does make them two entirely different people. 


So there’s a bit of filler here with Salamander’s food taster Fariah working against him and helping the Doctor and Kent. However she gets shot by Benik and his men almost immediately. But this all just leads up to this story taking a crazy ass turn

So Salamander locks himself away in his records room, then pulls some switches and a machine comes out of the wall. He gets into a little tube and goes down a secret tunnel. He goes several feet below the Earth where a SECRET SOCIETY IS LIVING UNDERGROUND. Apparently he has tricked these people into living down there with lies of a nuclear war on the surface and using them to cause these natural disasters on the surface. I did NOT see that coming.


So Doctor and co. finally decide to move in one the compound. They are confronted by Bruce but they get him to trust him by explaining his evil intentions and by proving the Doctor can successfully impersonate him. There’s a great scene where they call in Jamie and Victoria and he tricks them into thinking he’s Salamander until Victoria threatens to hit him and he hilariously cowers in fear. Then he and Jamie have a bit of musical fun! I love this group. :)

Meanwhile one of the men in the bunker named Swann, finds piece of newspaper with conflicting info on it and accuses Salamander of lying,. He invites him to come to the surface with him to prove his story. They don’t go all the way up but into a sort of cave area just below the surface where Salamander hits Swann with pipe. With a head wound, he somehow crawls out of the cave into the woods, where Astrid finds him. 


So this is where all the action happens and it really makes up for the political espionage stuff earlier. I mean really! If I were a kid watching this I would be so bored! Maybe that’s just the way it was in the 60’s. We walked 50 miles in the snow to watch a boring historical episode of Doctor Who and we LIKED IT!

Anyway Swann tells Astrid about the people below the surface and they go to free them. Giles Kent breaks off from the Doctor and sneaks into the records room to confronts Salamander. Turns out HE FREAKING WORKS FOR SALAMANDER! He has this plan to kill him and take over. WHAT A TWIST! But oh shit! DOUBLE TWIST! HE’S ACTUALLY THE DOCTOR! This is one of those brilliant times where the Doctor has a hunch, doesn’t tell anybody about it, and then turns out to have known the whole time! This guy! 

Kent escapes and goes down the tube into the cave area where he confronts and is shot by the real Salamander. Unfortunately before he dies, Kent triggers the compound’s self destruct! The building blows up killing only Kent since everybody else escaped, including Salamander. He wanders out of tunnel and finds the TARDIS. Jamie and Victoria come in and he manages to trick them into thinking he’s the Doctor. He almost starts to take off when the real Doctor shows up and then it’s on!


The TARDIS starts to take off and Salamander is sucked into the Vortex! Everyone holds on for dear life! END OF EPISODE?!?! Oh NO! :)

This seriously was such a good story! I still like the more sci-fi episodes better but this one kept me thoroughly entertained. Troughton’s performance was brilliant and I can’t wait for the next! Bring it! 



Oh Petey C, I love you already.

For those like me who can neither afford nor be arsed to leave their house on a Sunday morn to buy a copy of the Times, my good friend Blogtor Who has been kind enough to summarise the interview here. PLENTY of food for thought. Opinions?

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Listen! - Doctor Who Series 8 Teaser Trailer - BBC One

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Can’t take my eyes off yoooou…


Can’t take my eyes off yoooou…

Capaldi is gonna be so amazing! Calling it now. New favorite Doctor. -Taylor

I’m the Doctor. I’ve lived for over 2000 years. I’ve made many mistakes. It’s about time that I did something about that.

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10th doctor desktop wallpaper - feel free to use!

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1. 2880x1800  //  2. 1920x1080  //  3. 1366x768  //  4. 1280x720

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The old girl…



The old girl…

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The same man…

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John Hurt: Young War Doctor, Old War Doctor.

And this one time he was on a ship pretending he was working for Weyland Industries. That was not good.

These are awesome!

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[to be continued, when I’m not half-asleep]

[although that seems to be where this is coming from]

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